Toddler rooms

Toddler rooms

The Sunflowers toddlers are encouraged to make as many choices for themselves as possible.  We aim to make their days enjoyable with lots of fun and laughter.  Singing is a popular choice of the children and we also have lots of dancing and movement to music sessions.

Each child will have a key worker who will assess and plan a curriculum to suit his or her specific needs.  In this way a structured timetable will include the following:

Free play: Enabling the children to choose their own play materials

Structured play: Games and activities organised with adult input

Stories, rhymes and singing: Incorporating fun, relaxation and language development

Messy creative play: Play dough, sand, water, painting, scissor work and gluing

Outdoor play: To encourage physical and social development

Puzzles, construction, toys and games: To encourage the child’s imagination, language development and social skills

Sleep time and quiet times are still very important to our toddlers.  Whatever they are used to at home we shall try to do at nursery. We have cots, buggies, beanbags and cushions for the children to rest or sleep on.  We always have music playing in the nursery rooms, and this changes according to the children’s requirements, with lullabies or gentle music during quiet time.

This is a very demanding age where the child is becoming more and more independent.  Meal times can become a chimp’s tea party extremely quickly!  We have small groups at the lunch and tea tables with lots of positive talk and encouragement.  We feel it is important to be firm at meal times and do our best to teach good mealtime skills and behavior.

Your baby will never be left unsupervised