Baby rooms

Baby rooms

At Sunflowers we welcome parents to the nursery as often as you wish, especially if you are breast-feeding or would simply like to have an extra cuddle during the day. We respect that each baby’s needs are different and we will follow your child’s individual routine as closely as possible to help the transition from home to nursery go as smoothly as possible.

All weaned babies are offered home cooked food and fresh, blended vegetables daily, and full fat milk or boiled cooled water will be offered at regular intervals throughout the day.

The environment in our baby rooms is important. Research has shown that the secret to infant visual stimulation lies on high contrast colours. In the development of a newborn’s eyes the structure of the retina that perceive colour haven’t matured enough to perceive the intensities of red, blue, pink, yellow, purple and green.  Black and white are the easiest colours for babies to perceive. Interest in these starkly contrasting colours will pave the way for your baby’s brain development. These patterns will help calm and soothe your baby, as well as increase concentration skills, enhance natural curiosity and stimulate the creation of brain cell connections.

At naptime babies will sleep in a calm, quiet and relaxed area with soothing music being played, either in a cot, or pushchair, depending on your child’s individual care routine. Sleeping children are continuously monitored and recorded every 15 minutes.

Your baby will never be left unsupervised