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At Sunflowers Day Nurseries we treat children as individuals, each with their own specific needs. This means that our children move from room to room as and when the staff and parents decide they are ready, and not simply because of their age.

All children are different and they reach certain developmental milestones at different times. At Sunflowers we ensure all children are encouraged and stimulated to reach their full potential in a fun, loving, non-pressurised environment.

Offering parents peace of mind

The parents’ peace-of-mind is essential and It is important you know as much about the nursery as possible. We encourage as much parental involvement as you wish to put in.

If you have any queries or questions you would like answering please do not hesitate to call or pop in to the nursery at any time. The Sunflowers Operational Plan is available should you wish to see it.

Sunflowers Safeguarding Statement

Everyone within Sunflowers Day Nurseries (EY) Ltd has a responsibility for, and is committed to, safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and for ensuring that they are protected from harm. We believe that our safer recruitment practices, and our robust Policies and Procedures ensure our workforce is safe and suitable to work with children.

Sunflowers SEND Statement

Sunflowers Day Nurseries (EY) Ltd ensures all children have access to a wide and balanced curriculum. We will provide a differentiated curriculum appropriate to the child’s individual needs and abilities. Sunflowers will ensure the identification of all children requiring SEND provision as early as possible. We will keep in regular contact with SEND children parents, updating them on development, meetings coming up and their participation in their child’s support plan. Sunflowers Day Nurseries (EY) Ltd will create an environment where children can contribute to their own learning, where they feel safe, secure and listened too.

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